About Us

IFRI, under the IFRI-MART line of business, is excited to announce the official launch of our first product Mandingo-Grebo ginger beer. This unique beverage comes in an alcoholic and nonalcoholic form and is made and produced in Africa. During the sample tour, IFRI will be sampling its Mandingo-Grebo Ginger Beer to the general public, vendors and partners at multiple retail locations throughout the state of Minnesota. A list of our retailers and sample tours dates will be published soon. This is a very proud moment for IFRI brand!

IFRI is the sole distributor and licensed wholesaler of the Mandingo-Grebo Ginger Beer, a powdered ginger-beer produced in South Africa which comes in two (2) forms: alcoholic and non alcoholic. IFRI, our producer and sole distributor status, are unique in the taste, quality, and preservative characteristics of our product.

If you would like to learn more, Contact Us for more information.

Our Mission

At IFRI our ultimate goal promotes economic growth for BIPOC businesses while providing value and stability to empower generational wealth. 

Our Vision

We believe that IFRI brand will transition the BIPOC Mindset for Prosperity one individual and business at a time.

Who We Are

IFRI is a “Life Solution” company that provides innovative ways to improve productivity and provide stability for BIPOC Businesses and individuals globally. At IFRI, we seek to create a convenient pathway to a better quality of life for BIPOC and others alike by “changing the mindset for prosperity”. 


In March 2020, Tashie registered IFRI LLC in the state  of Minnesota and re-launched ifrimart to  service the growing African diaspora market. She also added additional lines of business to the rebranding and additional lines of business encourages economic growth for BIPOC Businesses while providing value and stability to empower generational wealth.