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Ginger Beer

Discover Our Ginger Beer Products! Made And Produced In Africa, Co-Packed Locally In Minnesota

Embark on a Flavor Journey: Explore Our Featured Products of Manbo Ginger Beer

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A Unique Experience with every sip

Discover a unique experience with every sip of our Manbo ginger beer! At IFRI-MART, we take pride in introducing our innovative product, crafted with passion and commitment to bring you an exceptional beverage for every occasion.

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Benefits of drinking Ginger Beer

Enjoy the delicious taste of Manbo Ginger Beer while getting numerous health benefits. With digestive properties of ginger, it relieves indigestion and nausea, reduces inflammation, strengthens immunity and provides natural energy without the crash. This refreshing drink also effectively hydrates, making it a tasty and rejuvenating addition to your daily routine.


Commitment to Quality

At IFRI-MART, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products. All our raw materials are sourced from South Africa and locally packaged in Minnesota, ensuring freshness and authenticity with every sip. 

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Exceptional Quality

We are committed to using only the finest ingredients to ensure the freshness and exceptional flavor of our beverages. From ingredient selection to production processes, we maintain the highest standards of quality at all times.

Continuous Innovation

We constantly seek new ways to surprise and satisfy our customers with unique and exciting products. From creating new varieties to enhancing our processes, we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation in the beverage industry.

Community Engagement

We care about the well-being of the communities we serve and strive to make a positive impact through local and global initiatives. From supporting local producers to promoting inclusion and diversity, we are committed to making a difference in our environment.

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