About Us

Tashie George is in the business of finding solutions. The Liberian-born, New York-raised Plymouth resident has created change in each of her communities through IFRI LLC. Her ever-evolving company looks to bridge the gap between Africa and the African diaspora in the U.S. and empower both communities. George’s actions back up her stance. In the wake of the Ebola epidemic and her father’s death, her online platform, IFRI-Mart, supported the distribution of African food products in Liberia, helping people in the diaspora to support loved ones through food deliveries. When larger companies came in to offer the same service, George pivoted and began to distribute African products in the U.S. She soon realized that many of the companies she was supporting and marketing were profiting off of a community they did not give back to. George immediately shut down her website and decided to break this chain and create her  own line of products that would be “made in Africa”.  After returning to Liberia in 2020 for the first time since childhood, she discovered her path in a beverage beloved by her family and community: ginger beer.

The Mandingo-Grebo ginger beer is available in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic varieties. The name is an homage to her parents’ tribes; her father’s, the Mandingo of Guinea, and her mother’s, the Grebo of Liberia; which is  the make-up of who she is. The logo is a cartoon character of her face, but the eye is the connection of the map of Guinea and the map of Liberia, which represent her  parents connecting together, giving her the vision to see further.

IFRI is the sole distributor and licensed wholesaler of the Mandingo-Grebo Ginger Beer,  produced in South Africa. Mandingo-Grebo ginger beer is unique in the taste, quality, and preservative characteristics of our product.

Our Mission

At IFRI our ultimate goal promotes economic growth for BIPOC businesses while providing value and stability to empower generational wealth.

Our Vision

We believe that IFRI brand will transition the BIPOC Mindset for Prosperity one individual and business at a time.

Who We Are
IFRI is a “Life Solution” company that provides innovative ways to improve productivity and provide stability for BIPOC Businesses and individuals globally. At IFRI, we seek to create a convenient pathway to a better quality of life for BIPOC and others alike by “changing the mindset for prosperity”.

In March 2020, Tashie registered IFRI LLC in the state of Minnesota and re-launched IFRI-MART to service the growing African diaspora market. She also added additional lines of business to the rebranding and additional lines of business encourages economic growth for BIPOC Businesses